Dating Therapy / Dating Coaching

How do you relate, respond, communicate, or present yourself in the online dating world? Have you experienced or engaged in the kinds of behaviours that make you exhausted? Frustrated? Numb? Disgusted to the point of needing a break or feeling you can’t be bothered? Do you feel as if you meet the same kinds of people over and over again and feel confused about why? And/or that maybe you sabotage attempts for longer term, healthy love?

I work with clients, using primarily an Attachment based approach, to help them learn more about how they relate to others, figure out where they learned it, whether it’s working for them, and what needs to change. We will look at your goals, and then explore whether everything from your bio and photo believe it or not, to your text to video to in-person or phone communication, is serving or sabotaging those goals. We will work to help you communicate more authentically, courageously, and transparently, and work on the anxiety, fear and trauma that might be getting in the way.

I work with many many people on building healthier relationships – to themselves, and to others. Please reach out if you are dating or looking to date, and think you might like that help.