Sample Wedding Ceremonies

I would be delighted to share personalized ceremony samples with couples once we decide to work together. Because no two ceremonies are the same (due to the highly personalized nature of my services), there is no one sample that would accurately reflect what your ceremony might look like. I will only know this once I conduct an in-depth interview, which generally but not always begins by email, with the person or family to find out more about them – their background, beliefs, values and more. From there I am able to more accurately select ceremonies for couples to browse through, as they look at different ideas and styles.

The personalization process involves writing up the couple’s/family’s/person’s “story” – a narrative that is weaved throughout the ceremony. This may or may not include, in the case of weddings or commitment ceremonies, how they met, how they fell in love, the story of their engagement, some funny adventures or misadventures, the reasons they love each other and have decided to marry. It may also include why they have chosen a specific date or location, why they chose to write their own vows, who they want acknowledged or included in the ceremony and why, what kinds of readings they chose, and so on. Of course all of this is weaved into the legal framework outlined in the Marriage Act. Your ceremonies are personalized, intimate, original, Humanistic and legal!

Please know that the choice to share (or not) is yours. Some people want to share more than others. Either way, most people tell me they had a lot of fun in the process. I am here to guide, to facilitate, to write and to work closely with you until you feel your ceremony, whatever the occasion, feels authentically you and just right.